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Seventh of " EMI Congress (International EMI Entrepreneurship & Social Sciences Congress)" will be hosted in TEAM University (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) on 20-22 June 2022. The congress will be organized as a hybrid event. It will be organized in collaboration with BAİBU, Eastern Mediterranean University (TRNC), International Vision University (N.Macedonia), University of Stavanger (Norway), International Gorazde University (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Aksaray Science Center, Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dilkur Academy, CEOTEKMER, İstanbul Kent University and İstanbul Nişantaşı University.

To attend the congress, an extended abstract of not exceeding 3,000 words should be submitted. Deadline is 30 April 2022.  The language of congress are English & Turkish (Turkish dialects). The abstract and at least 3 keywords must be in English. A "Certificate of Participation" is given to the authors of each submitted paper, and the "Best Paper Award" is given to the papers that are evaluated by the moderators and the scientific committee. According to the referee process, papers presented at the congress are published in the "abstract book”. Some of full text studies presented can also be published in “proceedings book" with ISBN numbers; Or as an article in international peer-reviewed journals specified on the congress website.

On average, more than 100 institutions and more than 20 countries participated in each congress. A total of 1177 papers by 1839 participants were presented in 6 congress held so far. The first and third EMI Congress was hosted in Nicosia, the second in Cappadocia, the fourth hosted by Istanbul Nişantaşı University, the fifth by North Macedonia International Vision University, and the sixth by Bosnia and Herzegovina International Gorazde University. EMI Congress is an academic, social and cultural organization where academics, entrepreneurs, public and private sector managers and NGO heads, artists and graduate students share information. The congress aims to develop human, social and cultural capital.

We are honored with the participation of respected scientists like you... www.emissc.org

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